Friday, January 1, 2010

Axtrada Philosophy

The Philosophy......

The century & world in which we live is changing - home owners, communities and governments are demanding products with sound GREEN & Environment credentials. With this in mind AXTRADA is focused on introducing cutting edge, environmentally responsible building products and new technologies to Global markets.

The goal of AXTRADA is to be a market leader leading a manufacturer products in providing practical and environmentally responsible alternatives to building products and energy systems commonly used today.

Being profitable and GREEN should not be mutually exclusive ambitions. The AXTRADA range of manufacturer building products and renewable energy solutions incorporate the latest developments and technologies to the potential customers can enjoy products that are both commercially viable and are better for the environment. Moreover, our progressive products will often have improved properties and functionally when compared to traditional alternatives.

The heart of AXTRADA "Trusted, United, Cooperation, Opportunity, Treasured & Commitment" direct to customer exact needs.

We are AXTRADA!!!!!!!!!!!

Axtrada (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

The Company.........

  • AXTRADA principal activity is to bring forward & develop the marketing & distribution of roofing product and others related building materials into market.
  • AXTRADA presently the authorized distributor and dealer for the following product :

Given the diversity in it's product range and the personnel expertise in this field, AXTRADA (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD aspires to provide it targeted customer a "ONE-STOP" centre in the field architectural and construction products.

Lot 23B, Jalan Kilang,
Sedco/ Kolombong Industrial Estate,
Off Jalan Kolombong,
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia.
(T) : +6 088 380618, +6 088 385011
(F) : +6 088 383619
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Plywood - AATOMO Plasboard

New Generation Composite Plywood Panel
for Construction Formworks

  • Huge Cost and Time Saving
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Tough, Rigid and Durable
  • Maintain Load Carrying Capacity
  • Impervious To Chemicals In Concrete
  • Suitable For Use With Nails And Screws
  • Available For Special Cut To Size
  • Recyclable


Environmental Friendly
  • The AATOMO GREEN Concept is built on the need to preserve our natural resources.
  • AATOMO's Buy Back scheme for recycle process not only contributes towards the lessening of Global warming or environment issue but also provide triple cost saving to buyers.
Cost Effective
  • High number of cycles time & longer life span resulting in lower shuttering cost per use.
  • Improvement of productivity as no time lost for replacement plywood materials.
  • Cost saving on plastering operations with superior concrete finishes.
  • Save on disposal cost after using plywood.
User Friendly
  • Able to combine with multiple framing systems such as Conventional, Metal, Girder, Aluminium or Glavanized.
  • AATOMO Plasboard works like plywood as it can also be cut, nailed and fastened.
  • No release agent is required for slab and minimal release agent for wall and column.
  • Stripping is just as easy and neat.
  • AATOMO Plasboard can be cut to size for all the Green's building contractors to ensure "ZERO" waste of timber materials, cost saving on labor, times & avoids the cost of disposal associated with plywood.
Superior Concrete Finishes Surface
  • No diameter growth due to absorption of water, as a result, it provides more even concrete surface during the entire life of the panel.
Easy To Dismantle, Clean And Maintain
  • Easy to dismantle & clean because of the non stick composite surface.
  • Surface of AATOMO Plasboard can be easily cleaned with scraper, stiff brush or water pressure to remove particles of sands and concrete.