Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Plywood - AATOMO Plasboard

New Generation Composite Plywood Panel
for Construction Formworks

  • Huge Cost and Time Saving
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Tough, Rigid and Durable
  • Maintain Load Carrying Capacity
  • Impervious To Chemicals In Concrete
  • Suitable For Use With Nails And Screws
  • Available For Special Cut To Size
  • Recyclable


Environmental Friendly
  • The AATOMO GREEN Concept is built on the need to preserve our natural resources.
  • AATOMO's Buy Back scheme for recycle process not only contributes towards the lessening of Global warming or environment issue but also provide triple cost saving to buyers.
Cost Effective
  • High number of cycles time & longer life span resulting in lower shuttering cost per use.
  • Improvement of productivity as no time lost for replacement plywood materials.
  • Cost saving on plastering operations with superior concrete finishes.
  • Save on disposal cost after using plywood.
User Friendly
  • Able to combine with multiple framing systems such as Conventional, Metal, Girder, Aluminium or Glavanized.
  • AATOMO Plasboard works like plywood as it can also be cut, nailed and fastened.
  • No release agent is required for slab and minimal release agent for wall and column.
  • Stripping is just as easy and neat.
  • AATOMO Plasboard can be cut to size for all the Green's building contractors to ensure "ZERO" waste of timber materials, cost saving on labor, times & avoids the cost of disposal associated with plywood.
Superior Concrete Finishes Surface
  • No diameter growth due to absorption of water, as a result, it provides more even concrete surface during the entire life of the panel.
Easy To Dismantle, Clean And Maintain
  • Easy to dismantle & clean because of the non stick composite surface.
  • Surface of AATOMO Plasboard can be easily cleaned with scraper, stiff brush or water pressure to remove particles of sands and concrete.